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April 2006 
Round table Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
Company 3wayC and International Coach Academy invite CEOs, HR Managers, Managers for Trainings and Development to take part in round table Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The event will take place at Mariott-Tverskaya hotel on 11th of April. Key points for discussion: Emotional Leadership; Emotional Intelligence as a foundation of creativity and innovations in organizations; EQ and Effective influence tactics. Special guest of the round table will be Marcia Reynolds a world-renowned coach and past president of the International Coach Federation. Marcia Reynolds has spent 25 years working with a diverse set of organizations including high-tech firms, health care corporations, federal agencies and banks in the areas of leadership development, emotional intelligence, and team building.

December 2005 
10th ICF Annual Conference in San Jose, CA
The annual ICF (International Coach Federation) conference took place in San Jose, CA on November 10-12, 2005. This year 1752 participants from 47 States, 7 Canadian provinces and 42 countries took part in this event. However, the magnitude of the conference showed itself not only in these grandeur numbers. The motto of the conference Be Inspired- Light the Fire beautifully matched the spirit of this significant occasion. Inspiration, meaningfulness of life, and spirituality were the major themes of the conference.

If it were not for few live witnesses, it is almost impossible to believe that the first ICF conference that took place ten years ago counted only 30 people. Clearly, coaching as a profession has grown tremendously over the last decade in many ways. It expanded from hard core executive coaching to exotic coaching of beauty appreciation, from the US to Singapore and Russia, from obscure occupation to billion dollar industry. Coaching rapidly and surely is becoming an integral part of our modern environment. As of today, there are more than 9000 ICF registered members who are all practicing coaches, 30 ICF accredited Coach Training programs and 42% Fortune 1000 companies who apply coaching as an instrument for human development. Among the major reasons for executive coaching growth are

  • rapidly evolving business environment
  • individual responsibility for development
  •  financial costs of poor performance
  • popular developmental strategy
  • employees request for coaching
Besides the most common application for development of leadership skills, coaching is also used for mastering competencies needed for emerging roles, accomplishing specific goals, increasing self-awareness and improving communication skills.

This huge demand for coaching and its broad application brought up new challenges to the profession. Build up of new methodologies, elaboration of professional standards and cultivation of advanced skills are just few priority tasks for leaders in this profession.

This year the Russian Chapter of the ICF was represented by Svetlana Chumakova, the president of the Russian Chapter, who up to now was the only Russian Coach, attending the ICF conferences consistently over the last 6 years. This year she was joined by Alla Kuznetsova, her business partner and the ICF registered coach. These numbers should not deceive you, as the first Moscow International Coach Conference that took place in 2004 had more than 50 participants. This number though modest, is very encouraging for Russian coach community, given the fact that the first ICF conference had only 30 attendees.

May 2005 
Sir John Whitmores workshop Inner Game of Golf
Moscow City Golf Club June 19, 2005
Sir John Whitmore, a graduate from Eton College and Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, globally renowned business consultant and coach, founding partner of Performance Consultants, author of the best seller Coaching for Performance, which was published in 15 languages and now in its third edition, winner of both British and European Saloon Car Championships will hold an one day workshop Inner Game of Golf on June 19th, 2005 at the Moscow City Golf Club.
 This unique internationally-known workshop focuses on developing a new set of leadership skills by using golf techniques. This workshop is designed for those leaders who are in search of new ways to enrich and broaden their existing competencies to achieve a higher level of effectiveness in their leadership positions.     
  • Learn about the major challenges faced by the organizations and leaders today
  • Understand the importance of self-development, namely self-regulation, self-awareness and self-motivation  as a core condition for leadership change
  • Experience and practice coaching techniques in the context of a golf game as the way of promoting high performance     
  • Recognize the effect of the leaders behavior in promoting change within the team
  • Develop strategies to address key issues common to teams and learn about practices that foster them
  • Learn the effective ways of generating high-quality feedback and learning with the team
  • Analyze your current set of skills and create a list of new leaders qualities you intent to develop in yourself 
Learning Activities: 
Golf practice, mini-lectures, presentation of paradigms, individual and group exercises, case studies, opportunities for participants to share their own experiences, self-assessment, group discussion 
Target audience:
Chief executives, Entrepreneurs, Top-managers and HR professionals

April 2005 
II International Coach Conference, Moscow
June 17-18, 2005
"Coaching as the Effective Solution to the Challenges of Global Management"

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